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Dec 16, 2012 12:00pm PST
lanza, 20 years old. officials say one was the primary weapon used and it was a semiautomatic rifle. we have also learned that the 20 children who were killed inside the school were shot multiple times. every single one of them was either six or seven years old. president obama is going to arrive here in newtown this afternoon to try to comfort the victims' families. he's scheduled to arrive here in about an hour and a half. he is going to be meeting with the families and also with the first responders. and after that he's going to be speaking at an interfaith vigil. we're going to be taking that vigil here on cnn live in its entirety. it begins at 7:00 eastern time. we do know the names of the victims today. but we are still learning about who they were, what their lives were like. so short, but no doubt given their age, providing so much joy for those around them. nick valencia is in the cnn news room in atlanta. i know the families are starting post pictures of their familich and issue statements. >> some of the families have been very private about their loss. but some really want p
Dec 15, 2012 10:00am PST
without the parents' permission. as we say that, bear with us here and we're going to try to go through this without breaking down. this is really tough for everyone involved and for everyone watching. so we're learning new details about how this rampage unfolded and that man, who is accused of carrying it out. he is 20-year-old adam lanza and we will try to say his name as little as possible but we have to say it for the record. lanza tried to buy a gun three days before the shooting but did not have the proper paperwork. and police revealed just today that three guns, not two, as previously thought were found near lanza's body inside that school. investigators are working around the clock and will probably be there for another day or two until they get all of the information they need. the victims' bodies have been removed from the school and taken to the medical examiner's office. not just victims but people who lived extraordinary lives. their names are expected to be released soon. and when we get them we will reveal them to you as respectful as possible. we're left with more quest
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2